Monday, January 18, 2010


We did it. We bought it. It's bought.

I live in a house that I own. Well, I suppose husband owns it as well...

In the past 3 1/2 years, my husband and I have traipsed in what feels like every direction possible, and now we've committed to a semblence of permanence. It feels weird.

This is a basic list, for the amusement of those who've corresponded with me over the past few years... I wasn't making all of those moves up!

Sept 2006 marry Caleb, move from Quilcene, WA, to Minneapolis, MN

Sept 2007 pack up, quit jobs, move to Eldoret, Kenya

Jan 2008 back in US, basically homeless, and casting about for direction as we head West again

Feb 2008 move from my parents' house in WA to a tiny cottage in Portland, PA

March 2008 sister introduces me to Etsy

April 2008 madly attempt to sell earrings whilst frantically applying for jobs, eventually try clothing...

June 2008 move downtown Portland (closer to Caleb's work), Etsy and boutiques pick up!

Nov 2008 take a house-sitting opportunity in Port Ludlow, WA in exchange for maintenance and the possibility of being turned out at a day's notice

May 2009 homeless again, staying with parents and once again without any direction... begin to consider Pittsburgh...

Aug 2009 accomplish our 3rd cross country move after much familial resistence, settle into a tiny apt in Pittsburgh, get involved in an amazing church, and covet a tiny cottage on the Northside

Dec 2009 move into our FIRST HOUSE, begin to rip up carpets, paint, and sanitize

Jan 2009 increasingly installed in our new home, expecting our third set of houseguests tomorrow, very grown up indeed.

I feel so incredibly thankful this January. I know that God has been so good to us!