Sunday, August 30, 2009

And away we go...

Today we've said goodbye to our friends here at home, packed up the last of our odds and ends, and turned our faces East. It's all very dramatic. I think I heard the dart-thrown-at-the-map joke at least ten times today. I'm feeling a bit forlorn, as I know one always must when leaving loved ones behind. To Pittsburgh...

In other news, the Tramp Sale is in it's last hours-- EVERYTHING in the store is 15% off until midnight (or so) tonight!! Come take advantage of this crazy free for all, and help lighten my load!



Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm OK!

I'm excited to have just finished a wholesale order for the lovely Lindsay of Collected Thread in Oklahoma City, and here are pictures of some of the pieces that will appear there!

It's such an honor to have Fancy Clothing carried by Collected Thread, and after discovering these adorable "I'm OK" t-shirts, I'm just about ready to head to OKC myself! Can you move to a city just for a boutique?

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a Fiesta, my Loves!

Etsy has this adorable and yet not actually utlitarian function wherein users can "heart" or favorite items and shops that suit their fancy. Etsy addicts are well familiar with what I'm referring to, and those less well-adjusted and more insecure Etsy sellers among us know the warm glow of earning a new heart, which acts as a sort of balm to our tender senses of self-worth when no new sales occur that day...

In celebration of Necessity is the Mother's reaching the 5,000 heart mark, I'm launching the

***Fabulous 15% Off Everything Fiesta***

Come share the love! Everything in the shop is 15% off, and the fiesta lasts until Friday night. Buenos Dias!!