Monday, March 23, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Before I went to sleep tonight I thought I'd send a general Thank You out to anyone who might read my little blog-- just for all the kindness and encouragement that came this weekend! I'm overwhelmed (as always) and incredibly thankful for the amazing opportunity Etsy has provided. Working from home? Who knew?

This is an amazing example of my sister Natalie's artistic skills. She's moved from one medium to another-- watercolor, pen and ink, and most recently, embroidery. I'm striving to help get her confidence and sale-able stock Etsy-ready!

Can you believe the detail?


  1. Your sister's embroidery is wonderful!

  2. I LOVE the lettering in Fancy Clothing, it looks so cool! She's a talented lady. :)

    And so are you and congratulations again on being featured seller. Very awesome.

  3. Lovely! Get her on Etsy:)