Friday, March 20, 2009

What a day...

Hey, want to hear a funny story?

Once there was a girl named Arielle who had plenty of time to plan for her very exciting yet intimidating Featured Seller spot. Indeed, she did her best to plan. She sewed and sewed, and bought extra fabric ahead of time and told her mother and sister all about it. With great anticipation she watched each featured seller that came before her, trying to pick up tips and learn things here and there. She tried her best to overcome her intrinsic procrastination-esque impulses, and be keep everything orderly and ready, and looked forward to her Big Day. And then this morning, three days before the date that she had fixed in her mind, she came home from the Post Office to discover her own sheepish face, her own unstocked shop featured on Etsy's Front Page! Hilarious. Sigh.

Story of my life! Sometime I'll tell you about my wedding dress, and how it was finished hours before the ceremony...

Well, I'm so excited and honored to be the current Featured Seller on! I'm struggling to keep up with requests and emails, and best of all, custom orders! In an effort to clear up any measurement issues or questions there might be, I coerced my sister Sadie into donating her body to Fancy Clothing, for your measuring purposes.

When taking your measurements for a pinafore, first measure the distance from the top of your shoulder to just under your bust.

Then you'll want to measure your underbust circumference, like so:

Next, decide on your preferred waistband width (2"-4" is usually best) starting from the underbust point.

Finally, decide your preferred waistband width (measuring from your underbust down), and then your preferred skirt length (measuring from the bottom of your waistband down). And there you go!


  1. YAY!!! I was SO so SO excited to see you up there. :D :D Every other day about I go pop into your shop and dream about the wardrobe that I REALLY want. You are always coming up with the cutest new pieces. You are awesome. Congrats!!!!

    (oh, and this is Brianslittlegirl, proud owner of your happy day pinafore, the lovely blue and white semi-florally one)

  2. I absolutely love your dress and skirt styles! Once I'm off of a budget, your dresses/skirts are definitely going on my list of things to buy!

  3. I absolutely LOVED your interview on etsy - and your sewing! And my family is from Washington too, but we live overseas. The interview was fun and helpful, and as I was reading it I thought "Hmm, is she a Christian too?" ...then got to the 'books' section and cheered. Anyway, thanks for a lovely feature and just being an amazing person!

  4. Hello!

    There has been a while since I accidentally found your etsy shop and I became and addict. I check it all the weeks and I love every single garment you create.
    I am spanish but I live in France at the moment, so be ready to ship something here because I will be ordering something for my birthday very soon!
    Your pinafores are just great! I think everybody will love them here! I will tell everybody about your etsy shop.

    Congratulations for such a good job.