Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of What to Wear...

I've always had such a soft spot for Nancy Drew...
Who can resist a brainy redhead, ready at a moment's notice to avert crisis, unravel conundrums, and entrap crooks? As an ode to the Girl Detective, I'm excited to introduce the Nancy Drew Jumper!! This design features big, roomy pockets (perfect for stashing clues), a sensible cupcake shape, and handmade buttons. Lovely!


  1. Nancy Drew would have all her fashion mysteries solved with this dress...sorry, that was incredibly lame and didn't really make that much sense. Still, these are so very sweet, especially the one with red buttons!

    By the by, I bought the "Sadie Kay" dress from you months ago, and everytime I wear it, people tell me how lovely the design is :)


  2. These jumpers are so adorable. I too was crazy about Nancy Drew. She was so clever and classy!