Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's no place like home...

when you have a new one every 6 months! I've thought alot about the definition of home lately, particularly as I've packed and unpacked my sewing scissors, bias, buttons, and odds and ends so many times this year. There are certain possessions we've carried with us back and forth across the country-- little things I would sorely miss if they were lost (as so many things have been) in our endless shuffling.

One of my prized possessions is this watercolor painting of Paris that my mum and sister gave me. It's graced every kitchen I ever burnt a dish in!

This funky little toaster, also a gift from my mum, is another deeply emotionally pertinent item. It's probably nothing like energy efficient, and lately the toast has been a bit black, yet I love it dearly.

My conclusion is that, appliances and wall hangings aside, Home is where the Husband is. For me, at least.


  1. I agree. I do like your toaster, however. I hope you enjoy your new home and the new adventures it will bring you.

  2. For me too! Glad you're getting settled in, I know how crazy a time it can be, it helps a lot to have your special things around you. :)